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The Boombot2 is a rugged wireless portable speaker designed for the outdoors. These Bluetooth portable speakers are the loudest speakers on the market.
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Boombot Basics

The Boombot2+ ultraportable speaker has evolved. With new features including a microphone, track control, and Siri/Voice integration, this model is stacked with technology not found in devices that are even twice the price.

The Boombot2+ maintains the original Japanese urban vinyl inspiration with acoustic technology in a truly portable package. The Boombot2+ wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It can also be hard-wired to just about ANY audio player using the included 1/8" cable. The Boombot2+ is rechargeable, loud, and durable enough to withstand the abuse of your lifestyle guaranteed.

Boombot2 Anatomy

ultra loud

Boombots have 50mm drivers that guarantee ultra loud audio accross every genre.


Boombots have a soft touch coating on a hard ABS housing for true durability.

water resistant

Boombots are water resistant. They can be worn in rain or used to shred snow.


Use your Boombot as a receiver. Connect any speaker/stereo to the Boombot 1/8" jack.


All Boombotix Portable Speakers come with a medical grade rechargeable battery.

custom-eyes able

Show your creativity and customize your Boombotix Portable Speaker with our custom eyes.

clip on/wearable

Clip or wear your Boombot on just about anything: backpacks, purses, belts, even your handlebars.

wireless playback

The Boombot2 and Boombot REX play audio wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

Exploded View

Boombot2 Exploded View

Playback Control

Boombot2 Playback Controls

Design & Response

Boombot2 Mechanical Design

Included Hardware

Boombot2 Included Hardware
In The Box
H2O Resistance
Audio Input/Output
*Runtime varies depending on volume and other factors
Replacement Micro-USB Cable Replacement Micro-USB Cable
Replacement Mini-USB Cable Replacement Mini-USB Cable

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