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Boombot basics

All Boombotix Limited Speakers are produced in minimal quantities, and will never be available again!

The Boombot2 is the original wireless ultraportable speaker. The speaker design fuses Japanese urban design with acoustic technology in a truly portable package. The Boombot2 wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It can also be hard-wired to just about ANY audio player using the included 1/8" cable. The Boombot2 is rechargeable, loud, and durable enough to withstand the abuse of your lifestyle guaranteed.

Boombot2 anatomy

ultra loud

Boombots have 50mm drivers that guarantee ultra loud audio accross every genre.


Boombots have a soft touch coating on a hard ABS housing for true durability.

water resistant

Boombots are water resistant. They can be worn in rain or used to shred snow.


Use your Boombot as a receiver. Connect any speaker/stereo to the Boombot 1/8" jack.


All Boombotix Portable Speakers come with a medical grade rechargeable battery.

custom-eyes able

Show your creativity and customize your Boombotix Portable Speaker with our custom eyes.

clip on/wearable

Clip or wear your Boombot on just about anything: backpacks, purses, belts, even your handlebars.

wireless playback

The Boombot2 and Boombot REX play audio wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

exploded view

Boombot2 Exploded View

playback control

Boombot2 Playback Controls

design & response

Boombot2 Mechanical Design

included hardware

Boombot2 Included Hardware
In The Box 3ft 1/8-inch Aux & Mini USB Cables
Loudness 94dB@2ft (wired)/83dB@2ft (wireless)
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Runtime 6 Hours
Charging About an Hour
Dimensions 96mm(w) x 92mm(h) x 54mm(d)
H2O Resistance IP53 (ok in light rain/snow)
Audio Input/Output1/8"/3.5mm female jack
Power 3W rated/5W max
Controls Mode Select, Volume Up & Down
Indicator Full Color LED


Boombot1 User Manual Boombot2 User Manual Boombot REX User Manual


Where can I buy a Boombot?
Boombots are available HERE at in a variety of colors and models. You can also find Boombots in a number of retailers near you.

Will Boombot1/Boombot2/Boombot REX work with my device?
Any device that has a 1/8-inch standard headphone jack will be compatible with all of our speakers. This includes iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, MP3 players, laptops, CD Players, and pretty much all music players. The Boombot2 and Boombot REX use Bluetooth technology to stream music wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones and mobile devices.

What happens if my speaker breaks?
Boombotix products are covered by a NO MATTER WHAT one-year warranty. This guarantees our products with free repair or replacement within one year from the date of purchase.

Try to diagnose any problems using our Knowledge Base.

Worst case, to submit a warranty claim for your speaker please visit

How do I charge my speaker?
Boombotix speakers include a USB charging cable that can be plugged into any USB wall charger or computer. Charging takes approximately one hour and will provide approximately 6-8 hours of playback time.

How loud are they?
Boombotix speakers are the loudest portable speaker available for their size on the market. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the audio performance, we will find it a new home.

I'm having trouble with pairing with my bluetooth speaker. What should I do?
Do not panic. Sometimes you just need to re-pair your device to freshen things up. Un-pair and delete the speaker from your Bluetooth settings and reboot the speaker. Re-pair with the speaker and resume your music playback. If this fails, try to charge your speaker. If all fails, visit

My bluetooth speaker is not as loud when playing it wirelessly! What's up with that?
Using bluetooth technology will result in approximately 10% loss of volume due. This is normal for all bluetooth audio devices.

Can I pair with multiple speakers to get stereo sound?
Our Boombots offer more than just a great portable speaker -- they are a total mobile audio package. When you connect to a Boombot speaker via Bluetooth, our patented SoundHub™ technology flips the 1/8-inch audio jack from an input to a stereo output. Simply connect any speaker or stereo system to it, and enjoy streaming stereo audio from your portable speaker. SoundHub allows you to enjoy the luxury of high fidelity wireless freedom on just about any home stereo, boombox, or entertainment system.

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